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05-Oct-2017 12:57

The deleted version in the extras section is even better, so don’t skip that little gem.There’s something about a movie like this that when you hear the title you think, “right, another stupid comedy with nothing to offer but dirty jokes and a lame obvious story..” Or maybe that’s just what I think.It’s more than that though. He wants someone to spend his life with and as he slowly discovers who that might be, he has to find a way to bring that little bit of baggage with him into the new relationship and not be embarrassed or worried that she may reject him because of it. If you don’t like the sappy stuff just ignore it and get on with laughing at all the jokes and Andy’s quest to get laid.My guess is that Universal took the already encoded HD DVD version and ported it to the disc. Audio comes in the form of a DTS-HD master track which is uncompressed crisp and clear.As with most comedies though this track won’t rock your world, but it does let you hear the subtle bits of dialog especially in the club scene near the start of the movie.If you don’t like low brown comedy, or you think you don’t, well, get your head out of your crack and lighten up a bit.This stuff is just good for a laugh, and we can all use a laugh now and then.

My favorite bits in the movie include the fantastic character who speaks with an Indian accent but insists he’s from Brooklyn.Unfortunately they chose to include the unrated and rated versions of the movie on the disc and as far as I am aware these are both included in full (not via seamless branching) so that makes the bit rate a lot lower than expected.

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