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Sending someone out to build a 3 room house can have a lot of interpretations so without signing off on a plan, you run the probability that you will not get exactly what you are hoping for.

Similarly for web projects, even if you go to experts in the field, determining an accurate level of effort to build a site requires some up-front discovery before any coding is actually done.

Composer is only responsible for maintaining the code base.

If you peek at the we provide, you'll see that certain directories, including all directories containing contributed projects, are excluded from source control.

During this phase, a formal build plan or functional specification, is put together to define and finalize requirements for a new site and exactly how everything will be built in order to accomplish your business goals.

At Mediacurrent, this functional specification includes the results of discovering many details for drafting a technical architecture that defines roles, content types, modules, taxonomy, blocks, templates, use cases, candidate Drupal contributed modules that fulfill the documented requirements, any custom modules that need to be built and page descriptions.

The cost will be dependent on this custom recommendation, A home builder is also not going to build a custom home without having a blueprint.

There are many factors that go into building a home and you must have a plan so that workers that come in to do the manual labor will know exactly what they are supposed to be building.

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A strategic partner needs to get to know about your business, your audience, your goals and what is working for you (or not) right now.

But to be clear: it is still very helpful to use a site management tool like Drush or Drupal Console.

If you've ever accidentally hosed a site because of dependency issues like this, you've probably already realized how valuable Composer can be.

Functional wireframes are completed to provide both developers and clients with a visual representation of how the information architecture will be laid out and how all of the functional pieces are going to fit together.

Without a wireframe, a developer might spend tons of extra time creating a particular feature only to realize that your expectation was actually very different.Making changes during this phase is a lot more cost effective than needing to go back and re-architect the foundational elements of the site once building has already begun.

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