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So when August stops hanging out with him, he wonders why.Although Jack enjoys his increased popularity, he doesn't really like Julian and his crowd.Like hundreds of other students in Manhattan, August Pullman is starting fifth grade. He's had 27 surgeries since birth, all on his face.August was born with a severe craniofacial abnormality.When Via learns about what Jack said about August, she consoles August and talks him into trick-or-treating with her.Summer is also paying the price for being August's friend.After asking if Jack really punched Julian, August accepts his apology, and the two boys become better friends than ever.In January, Charlotte tells Jack that the entire fifth-grade male population is at war.

Even the parents get involved — Julian's mom photoshops August out of the class photo and distributes copies to other parents.

This year will be August's first at a mainstream school.