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20-Jul-2017 17:13

Windows 8 does not automatically pop up a "New Hardware" dialog, so you will have to open the Device Manager manually, and you will also have to temporarily disable UBS driver signature enforcement.

If you currently have applications other than Argyll accessing your USB connected instrument, then you will have to manually install the Argyll driver, and then switch back and forth between the Argyll and other drivers if you want to switch between applications.

(Plug in the instrument) Start -If you currently don't have any applications that talk to your instrument using USB, then it is relatively simple to use the drivers provided with Argyll since you don't have to deal with the instrument already having an assigned driver.

(Plug in the instrument) My Computer, Right Click - OK Then you will have to delete the cached copy of the old Argyll driver files, that MSWindows keeps.

If you are updating to a new version of Argyll, that it may be necessary to uninstall all the existing Argyll USB driver, and do a fresh re-install to update the relevant libusb system driver and file.

(This is true for updating to Argyll Version 1.5.0).

The driver will not work on Win 95, 98 or NT as these operating systems are supported with old UPDD version 3.x.x driver (9x/ME/NT) and 4.0.6 (NT). XP service pack 3 introduces significant and important updates relevant to USB hardware support and driver interaction that we consider it essential for the correct functioning of our driver.

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Note that it is possible in many cases to use Windows 7 video drivers on Windows 8 systems.

The file contains: It is recommended that where possible the USB device is connected to the system after installation.